Standard Micro Ring Connector & Disconnector

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  • Attaches and detaches micro rings
  • Includes FREE case
  • Professional use only
An affordable 2-on-1 tool to apply and remove/ connect and disconnect micro rings. Comes with a FREE case.

Alternative tools to connect and disconnect micro rings are the Deluxe Micro Ring 2 in 1 Connector & Disconnector.

Also available is our Micro Ring Starter Kit which will give you all the tools you will need to apply hair extensions using this method of application.

Micro Ring Application and Tools

The Micro Ring technique is popular for its speedy, tidy, resin-free application and for a free-flow finish.

Micro Rings can be attached strand by strand or for a quicker and easier method they can be attached to strips of wefts, attaching whole sections in just minutes.

Feed Pre-bonded Micro Ring I-Tip strands with a micro ring wire feeder, wooden threader or latch hook. Seal with a Micro Ring 2 in 1 Connector and Disconnector that will close the ring tight, securing your natural hair and hair extensions together. Remove with the same tool.

Micro Ring I-Tip Strands can be worn for up to 12 weeks. During this period a 4 weekly touch up is recommended as strands will loosen and drop as the natural hair sheds and grows.

Extensions should always be applied and removed by a professional. All American Tools are for professional use only.

For further info on how to get trained in hair extension application check out our Training Info or email us your enquiry now.  
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