Manhattan Hair Extension Shampoo 250ml

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  • Low pH shampoo for all extensions, refreshes hair and dull locks
  • Mild, gentle with a light consistency, this shampoo effortlessly passes through hair, leaving extensions easier to manage
  • Specially designed for Hair Extensions but also suitable for wigs and your own hair
  • Size: 250ml
Manhattan Shampoo is a mild cleanser designed to care for extensions and wigs. Its low pH formulation makes it an ideal frequent use shampoo for natural hair.

For best results use our Manhattan Conditioner straight after washing your hair. The Manhattan Maintenance Spray is a great to detangle your hair extensions.

What makes our Manhattan Range so special for Hair Extensions?

Perfectly balanced for hair extensions (pH5.5), our Manhattan range is mild, affordable everyday range gently cleanses, nourishes and strengthens your hair. Hydrates the hair with essential moisture and oils, it calms the frizz without weighing hair down.
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