American Dream Themostatic Glue Pot

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  • Thermostatic Glue Pot with variable temperature control for safe and fast melting of keratin
  • For use with Keratin Pots & Keratin Pearls.
  • To create your own bonds and strands with American Dream Bulk and Wefted hair
  • Professional use only
The thermostatic glue pot is a quick and safe way of melting our keratin which comes in 2 forms; Keratin Hot Pots – pots of keratin that you simply pop into the Thermostatic Hot Pot and the Aluminium Pots with Pearls. The advantage of the pearls is that you can heat as little or as much as you need for your clients head. This way the keratin will not get re-heated several times and will remain fresh.

The temperature dial ensures you have complete control allowing you to melt the glue at a safe temperature.

You also have the choice of purchasing Pre-Bonded strands - all you need to do is heat the bonds and apply.

Also available is our Thermal Bonding Starter Kit which will give you all the tools you will need to apply hair extensions using this method of application.

Thermal Bonding Application and Tools

We have a great selection of Thermal Bonding Tools. From Keratin Hot Pots, Keratin Glue Guns to Heat connectors. Depending on your preferred tool, we have the correct bonds to use with them.

Use the Heat Connector to apply American Dream Pre-bonded U Tip Hair Strands and to re-apply them using our Keratin Replacement U-Tip packs.

Use the Glue Gun & Glue Sticks to create your own pre-bonded micro ring I-Tip Strands or to simply attach strands of extensions directly to your client’s hair.

Use the Thermostatic Glue Pot with our Keratin Pot or/and Keratin Pearls to create your own pre-bonded micro ring I-Tip Strands or to simply attach strands of extensions directly to your clients hair.

Thermal Bonded extensions can be worn up to 12 weeks. During this period a 4 weekly touch up is recommended as strands will loosen and drop as the natural hair sheds and grows.

Extensions should always be applied and removed by a professional. All American Tools are for professional use only.

For further info on how to get trained in hair extension application check out our Training Info or email us your enquiry now.  
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