Why Are Tape-In Extensions The Best For Summer?

With summer fast approaching, tape-in extensions are fast becoming the most sought after technique to get those beachy waves you’ve always dreamed of. Although it can sometimes be difficult to find a method that not only looks natural but stays in place throughout the warmer weather.


If you’ve previously used hair extensions, you will know the difference they can make to your appearance and self-confidence. However, some people may see hair extensions as high maintenance - saved for special occasions and times when you have the patience to a full head removed and reinstalled.


So, why tape-in extensions?


We know that during summer nights, you long for the effortless, beachy wave look and clip in extensions are much too bulky and heavy. However, our tape-in extensions mean you can spend less time on your hair routine and more time enjoying the sun. They offer the same glamour and gloss as our wefts, but our tape-ins come ready to wear for up to 8 weeks, made from iconic Remy hair, naturally high in density, with the cuticles still intact and aligned. Tape-in extensions are much easier to install and wear than you might expect, they eliminate most, if not all objections, perfect for wearing in the summer months with minimal fuss and maintenance.


They’re almost invisible


Tape-in extensions are not the same as clip-in extensions, they are the perfect option for your dreamy summer hairstyles. They’re almost invisible, the strong, non-damaging tape lays flat to the head so each extension blends seamlessly into your own hair. As with any type of extensions, you would expect them to be invisible, but no matter the situation, no one will ever suspect a thing. We know that you don’t always have the time or patience to sit and style your hair every day, especially in the summer, whether your hair is wet and pulled into a ponytail or you leave it to dry naturally, your tape-in extensions will always look undetectable.


They’re waterproof and sweatproof


Our tape-in extensions are perfect for every summer lifestyle. With the warmer temperature fast approaching along with high humidity, increased sweat is bound to occur. Our tape-in extensions remain unaffected by sweat and water. So you can go on holiday, swim, dive and party into the night with a set of extensions that will stay perfect no matter the weather conditions. As another bonus, the colour will never fade in chlorinated pools, the texture won’t change and they will remain shiny and stunning.

They last all summer


The freedom of summer should also include the freedom from frequent visits to your extension specialist, which is why our tape-in extensions last up to three months, giving you an entire summer away from the salon chair. They are the ultimate must-have for your summer hair goals. They are durable, invisible, lightweight, reusable and waterproof - everything you want them to be during the warmer months!


Why buy from American Dream?


No matter how you define your summer activities or summer plans, choose our tape-in extensions, they give you the freedom to immerse yourself into summer and look completely gorgeous while doing it. Established since 1980, our committed company is world renowned for our creative innovation and outstanding quality. We promise to provide our customers with the very best tape-in hair extensions at unbeatable prices, delivered with a service you can trust.


If you’ve been looking for the perfect solution to your summer hair needs, then head on over to the American Dream website today. If you have any questions or need any assistance while browsing our site, please don’t hesitate to give our outstanding customer service team a call today, call us on 020 8998 9840.