The Most Discreet Real Human Hair Wigs


Wigs provide individuals with a wealth of versatility and freedom, being the perfect method to protect natural hair so that they don’t need to dye their own hair. You also can change your mind about a hairstyle as often as you want, as you don’t need to wait for hair growth, you can just buy a long hair wig and restyle it by yourself. Across the American Dream Extensions website, we have a wide range of different discreet, real human hair wigs for you to choose from - which we are going to discuss with you today.


  1. Louis Monofilament Human Hair Wig


Our Louis Wig is a mid-length, silky straight style with a centre parting and no fringe. This product is the perfect alternative to a full lace wig, while still giving a great finished look. The style will give the user a rich and sophisticated look, upgrading your appearance to its most polished - enabling flawless styling with every wear.


     2) Remy Full Lace Wig: Ultimate Grade Silky Straight


A more expensive option, but incredible quality. This 100% Remy wig attaches in less than a minute; builds volume, hides thinning hair and bald patches or simply just give you a new look in seconds. It will provide the user with a stunning silhouette that effortlessly takes their look from day to night, with adjustable straps to keep it secure at all times. Lace front wigs are also very dynamic, allowing the wearer to alter their hairstyle just like they would with their real hair.


     3) Penelope Monofilament Human Hair Wig


Another more affordable option, this gorgeous wig has a long soft wave style with a centre parting and fringe. The top of the wig is hand-knotted to a breathable lace base which gives a natural finish to the crown area. Whereas, the back of the wig several wefts of hair sewn together to give a full thick look. Despite being a cheaper alternative to a full lace wig, this product will provide you with an exceptional appearance.


     4) Lalia Capless Wefted Base Human Hair Wig


The Lalia Wig is a long curly wig with no parting and no fringe, being machine made and pre-styled. Again, it’s a much cheaper alternative to hand knotted wigs - it being natural, real and 100% Human Hair means it is the closest match you can get to your own hair.


Overall, wigs are an excellent option for a lot of people, regardless of their style, hair colour, or skin tone. You can guarantee that there will be the perfect wig to suit your needs, ranging from synthetic pre-styled wigs to human hair lace and lace front wigs, curly lace front wigs, short and bobbed wigs, and more. When it comes to wigs created using human hair, it is really up to your personal preference - but there’s a good choice of styles to consider.


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