Our Guide To U-Tip Hair Extensions


Hair extensions are known as the perfect fast and effective method of boosting the length and volume of your hair, which you may have never been able to achieve solely through growing your hair. However, there are many different variants for you to choose from - so it can be a very difficult decision trying to choose between them all. U-Tip Hair Extensions are one of the most popular options and are available in a vast choice in colour, lengths and styles.


What are U-Tip Hair Extensions?


U-Tip Hair Extensions are a type of extension that is applied to the hair by heating up the keratin tip that is found at the end of the extension. The extensions themselves look like a small wisp of your own hair, with a keratin-based dried tip at one end, which is attached to your natural hair. Using keratin as a form of hair extension application has been around for many years, and is a very popular method of fitting. The hair pieces are ready to be attached to the client’s own hair by simply heating the keratin tips and clamping with a heat connector.


How are U-Tip Hair Extensions applied?


These type of extensions would be fitted using a heat connector to melt the keratin tip against small sections of natural hair. The melted keratin is then rolled around the natural hair tightly so that it forms a fully sealed bond, as keratin is very much able to heat and cool rather quickly - which allows for easy application.


However, in order to apply the extensions, you need to be professionally trained or a certified professional. Attempting to fit hair extensions without the relevant qualifications could lead to an improper fitting - which may cause damage to the hair. The hair extensions could also be fitted too close to the hairline, which may allow them to become visible, which is why it is important to have your hair extensions fitted by a trained professional to ensure the application is completed correctly.


How are U-Tip Hair Extensions removed?


Depending on the type of keratin used, the bonds will need to be broken down and safely removed from the hair. We recommend using a disconnector with the American Dream Keratin Bond Remover, which will help to loosen any remaining dry resin left on the natural hair. If the extensions have only been worn for a short period, the seals may be difficult to break, which is when we recommend waiting a few seconds after applying the Keratin Bond Remover to allow it to penetrate before using the disconnector. Once the strands have been removed, gently brush through the natural hair to let any loose hair strands fall, which is a natural shedding process and should be expected. The hair will then be washed and conditioned like normal, ensuring that all acetone and residues are removed.


Here at American Dream Extensions, we proudly have some of the highest quality U-Tip Hair Extensions available for you to purchase - available in Original or Ultimate grades, in 10 or 50 strand packs and lengths 18” or 26”. Being silky straight in texture, these extensions are also easy to heat style for beautiful curls and waves.

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