Are you Interested in Lace Wigs?

Are you looking for high quality, authentic looking lace wigs that will leave you looking and feeling great? Then you’ve come to the right place because American Dream is here to help with quality  hair extensions and wigs. American Dream is a globally recognised company who, since 1980, have supplied top quality, ethically sourced hair extensions and wigs for great prices, and have created and taught others innovative methods of application. 


Our Remy Lace Wigs 


The lace wigs that we have in stock are of the Remy brand so you can be assured of their extreme high quality. We are able to supply you with a front lace wig and a full lace wig, both of which are labelled as ultimate grade - we grade all of our products from trend all the way up to ultimate, in order to meet all luxury and budget needs, and they have a beautifully soft texture. As they are a Remy product they are made completely from human hair that has been sourced through ethical processes. 


Lace wigs have the advantage of giving areas such as the hairline and scalp, that can often highlight the fact that you are wearing a wig, a much more natural and seamless appearance.  The application is incredibly quick, not even taking a full minute, and with the adjustable straps it comes with, you can make sure that your wig stays fixed and comfortable. We have a vast range of colours available for you to choose from, and you can purchase one of our colour rings, if you are looking to match the colour of your natural hair. 


We also have other wigs available in our shop as well as our lace wigs including; other human hair wigs such as monofilament and capless, all in a variety of colours and textures. We also stock synthetic and party wigs, which are affordable and still look great. 


What other Products do we Stock?


As well as our lace wigs, we are renowned for our huge variety of hair extensions, both synthetic and human hair with a range of application methods including; u tips, I tips, clip in and loops. Again a huge range of colours, styles and textures are available to customers for great prices. 


We also have a fantastic selection of hair extension tools available, so that you have all the necessary equipment to correctly apply your lace wigs, extensions or whatever product you choose to purchase. With our expertise in the industry we are able to offer a variety of certified training sessions, covering application methods, and there will be a certificate upon completion. To have a look at our prices and course content please click here.


Would you like to speak to our team? 


To receive more details about our lace wigs or any other product all you have to do is give our friendly team a call on 01582 320100 and we can have a discussion about whatever you are unsure about. You can also reach us through email and the enquiry form that is located on our contact page.