How To Choose The Best Hair Extensions


Across the market, there are a number of different styles of hair extensions for you to choose from - so it can be rather difficult trying to make the best decision. They are not designed to be made to be a one size fits all solution, and are amazing no matter whether you just want to boost your volume or you want to add a little extra length. In order to help you make the best choice, we have compiled a list of things to consider when choosing your new hair extensions.


  • Real or synthetic?


Synthetic is the most affordable option and has the potential to be great - but nothing replicates the look and feel of human hair, like real human hair. 100% Remy Human Hair will look like your own hair and can be treated likewise and is the highest hair quality that you can find on the market. It offers incredible strength and a consistently straight form, as well as being very easy to care for, with minimal tangling.


Hair extensions made from human hair can be dyed a darker colour, styled with hot tools (curled or straightened), washed frequently, and treated just like you would your own natural hair. If cared for correctly, human hair extensions can last up to a year or longer. They are the preferred choice for hair extensions, hairpieces and wigs because they achieve the most natural look.


  • Best hair extensions for your lifestyle


Hair extensions do require a bit of extra maintenance, which is why it is important to consider which hair extension method matches your lifestyle. For example, if you lead a very busy life, clip-in extensions may be the right fit for you. This way you can break them out for special occasions or days where you have extra time to style.


  • Hair colour


One of the most common problems with hair extensions is choosing the wrong colour. If sourced from a leading specialist, such as American Dream, human hair extensions are available in just about every colour and shade imaginable. The ranges of colours also allow you to add low-lights and highlights to enhance your hair depth and tone without any additional treatments.


  • Hair extensions safety


If the application is completed correctly, hair extensions can be completely safe and will not do any damage to your natural hair or scalp. We always advise that you get your hair extensions applied by a professional, this will lower the risk of the extensions putting any strain on your natural hair causing hair loss.


Here at American Dream Extensions, our promise is to guarantee high-quality products at the best prices, delivered with a service you can trust and the assurance of fair trading terms. We have a number of different hair extensions for you to choose from, across our website. We have been at the forefront of the industry, continuously pioneering new application systems for a number of years. We have invested in the development of safer, faster and better technologies, that have undoubtedly shaped the hair extensions market and earned us our stunning reputation as a business.

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