Trying to Find Quality Hair Extensions Online?

Are you looking to purchase high quality clip-in hair extensions online? Then here at American Dream, we are on hand to help. We have a high-quality range of different hair extensions online that are created to suit almost any hair type, colour and length. Here at American Dream we believe that hair extensions can play an important role in fluffing people’s confidence, particularly as they can add thickness, volume and length to hair that might otherwise feel lackluster. We passionately believe that everyone has the right to feel beautiful and carefree and we love that we are able to help achieve this through hair extensions online.

What are Clip-In Hair Extensions?

We sell a range of different hair extensions online to suit the lifestyles of all of our customers. These hair extensions include weft, U-Tips and clip-ins. Clip-ins are decidedly the easiest, fastest and safest extensions available. Unlike the other forms of hair extensions, clip-ins are temporary and easily removable, making them ideas for singular day looks or for customers who enjoy often changing their look. 

Not only do our clip-in hair extensions online offer you greater flexibility when it comes to look, they also don’t require additional help to use. Unlike a weft, which requires the aid of a hairdresser to put in your hair, a clip-in extension can be put in all by yourself. This saves you both the time and money of needing a professional to install them. No fuss, no hassle, just thicker and longer hair instantly.

Why use Clip-In Hair Extensions?

There are a number of reasons why you might want to invest in hair extensions online, many of which will be specific and personal to you. Our hair extensions online are an excellent solution to thinning hair, which might make some of our customers feel uncomfortable and lacking in confidence. By harnessing the power of our easy, clip-in extensions, our customers can immediately feel more confident with their thicker hair. 

Alternatively, you could be looking for clip in extensions for one particular day. One example of this might be your wedding day. Many of those updos that you see on Pinterest require a lot more hair than people have naturally. Using a clip-in hair extension is a simple and easy way to add the extra length and thickness that you need to have your best look on your big day.

How Long do Clip-In Hair Extensions Last?

Our clip-in hair extensions will last as long as your lifestyle allows. We are committed to making sure that when we sell our hair extensions online, they are made to the highest possible standard, allowing them to last as long as possible. But, fundamentally, how long your clip-in extensions will last for will depend greatly on how often you wear them. They usually last for about six months to a year, as long as they are being well looked after. 

If you want to find out more about our excellent range of hair extensions online, then feel free to browse our website. We provide a variety of different extensions of different lengths, textures and colours to suit even the most discerning customers. If you have any particular questions, then you can give us a call on 01582 320100. Alternatively you could write to us at or you can contact us via our website.