Hair Extension Mistakes To Avoid This Summer

Here at American Dream, we truly believe there is nothing better than booking a fun summer holiday to take your mind off the stresses of normal life. However, if you have hair extensions, you don’t want to ruin them by making just a few simple mistakes. Therefore, in order to assist you, our team have put together some of the ways to ensure your extensions say in the best condition during the heat and humidity of summer.


Avoid swimming in them


You would be surprised how many people make this rookie mistake. It is important to make sure that they don’t get wet in a pool or the ocean because the chlorine and salt water can cause considerable damage to your luscious locks. This because salt water and chlorine are really drying. Even if you are just swimming with your natural hair, it is worth protecting your hair by applying some leave in conditioner to the lengths and ends.


Do not try to lighten them


As the hair has already been through a chemical process bleaching them, if you decide to lighten them even further, this could cause breakage. Rather than trying to bleach them yourself, it is a lot safer, and more cost effective, if you pick up a slightly lighter set for the warmer months. This will allow you to switch between your darker and lighter sets as the weather changes.


Use a good hairbrush


When brushing your hair, avoid using a normal brush that is made for original hair - as these are tightly packed which are not required by the hair extensions. Across the market, there are a number of hairbrushes which are perfect for them, helping to extend the life of them. Here at American Dream, we have the American Dream Ionic Hair Brush which brushes through your hair eliminating all knots and leaving your hair with a healthy sheen. It naturally preserves the negative ions found in hair whilst detangling and adding moisture, leaving your hair extensions looking brand new.


Never use salt sprays


As much as fun beachy waves are incredibly popular during the summer months, using salt spray can come in contact with the bonding mechanism of the extensions and make it fragile. This is the same effect that shampoo and conditioner have, as they both have powerful chemicals which can make the bond loose.