Christmas Stocking Fillers


Here at American Dream Extensions, we want to offer absolutely everyone the chance to have beautiful hair, no matter whether that is by improving his or her natural style or providing a little bit extra hair to play with. As the Christmas season fast approaches, we have some of the very best products available for you to purchase for your family and friends - perfect as stocking fillers. To help you choose between so many different items, we have compiled a list of some of our firm favourites from our online store.


  1. American Dream 3 x Cocoa Butter: Original, Lemon, Lavender


This gift set is excellent as it allows you to save £3 when you buy all 3 American Dream Cocoa Butter Cream variants in their 500ml tub sizes - including the Natural Original American Dream Cocoa Butter, Lavender Enriched American Dream Cocoa Butter and the Lemon Enriched American Dream Cocoa Butter. These products are ideal for dry skin and everyday moisturising, nourishing the skin with goodness. Each of the variants smells light, unlike some other heavier smelling cocoa butter - with a truly gorgeous scent in either lavender, lemon or the original.


     2) Heat-Treat Thermal Conditioning Cap


This innovative Heat Treatment Conditioning Cap creates a salon-steam environment at home, by maximising the performance of any treatment by increasing adsorption. It nourishes hair up to 3 times more effectively than using a hair treatment by itself - leaving hair instantly frizz free, moisturised and glossy. This product is suitable for all hair types and can be used as often as you wash and treat your hair. The cap just needs to be worn over any hair treatment product after being warmed in the microwave for 60-120 seconds, to deliver up to 20 minutes of intense heat therapy.


    3) American Dream Ionic Hair Brush


The ionic hair brush helps eliminate static and boosts shine as well as reducing staticity in hair. The brush runs through all hair types, eliminating all knots and leaving your hair with a healthy sheen. It naturally preserves the negative ions found in hair whilst detangling and adding moisture, leaving your hair and extensions looking brand new. It is available in grey, dark purple and a lovely pink - perfect as a small Christmas present.

    4) Jenoris Keratin Velvet Leave-In Conditioner


This is a highly-efficient keratin treatment for nourishment and adding moisture, helping users to achieve a smoother and sleek look with hair blow drying. The Jenoris hair loss intensive treatment is designed with preventing hair loss specifically in mind. It works by prolonging the cycle of the hair using AnaGain, a specialist technology that injects strength right back into the scalp of your head. Use this product before blow drying for smoother and sleeker hair, adding glamour, gloss and vitality - leaving your hair soft, light and supple.


Ever since we were founded back in 1980, we have proudly become the trusted home of premium quality hair extensions, accessories, party hair and luxury lace and fibre wigs - so make sure you visit the American Dream Extensions website today. However, if you need assistance when shopping online or have any questions regarding our products - please don't hesitate to call our expert team on 020 8998 9840. Alternatively, fill in the contact form on our website and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.


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