You Want to Buy Lace Wigs?

Are you looking to purchase some new wigs, then don’t compromise on the quality. We at American Dream are committed to being the home of trusted, high quality hair extensions, wigs and accessories. We offer the biggest choice of hair pieces, fibre and lace wigs, so no matter what your plans are, you can find that perfect piece here. We’ve worked with brides, festival goers and hair loss patients and have ensured that all of our wigs work for each customer. 


So, if you are planning on using our lace wigs every day or if you want some hair extensions for that special day, we at American Dream can offer you a great product. We source all of our pieces in a way that is ethical, we offer either real human hair or nearly identical fake hair; whichever you choose is something that is entirely up to you. 


What are full lace wigs?


There are a number of different types of wigs, one of the popular ones is a lace wig, which is defined by having a wig constructed with a lace cap that covers your whole head. These wigs are often made individually, with each strand of hair being tied to the lace cap. Although this means that they can be quite expensive, what also means is that they have an incredibly natural look because each hair follicle has been individually placed, giving the wig the look that it is actually growing from your head. The fullness and thickness of a full lace wig also allows you to style the wig anyway that you like, including in ponytails and half-up/half-down looks.


Why choose a full lace wig?


  • They can be parted anywhere


There’s nothing more frustrating than your hair not doing what you want it to do, and the same can be said of wearing a wig. The point of a wig is that you don’t want anyone to know that you’re wearing it, meaning that any hairstyle that might expose the tracks or cap is a no go. But with a full lace wig, this isn’t a problem because you have endless styling possibilities. You can have your hair in any part, or even put it up in a ponytail when wearing a full lace wig. This makes it easy to work with and enjoyable to wear. Many of our customers consider this convenience and creativity as the reason to choose full lace wigs over all other kinds.


  • They hide hair loss


Losing your hair, for whatever reason, is an anxious and upsetting time. If you’re feeling self conscious about the thinning or complete loss of hair on your head, then our full lace wigs are the perfect solution. Their construction and style makes these lace wigs perfect to create a natural look, so you never have to worry about everyone knowing that you’re wearing a wig and asking questions about it. All of our full lace wigs are flawless with fabulous, thick hair that will bring your confidence right back.


Want a lace wig of your own?


If lace wigs sound like something that you could use in your life, why not browse our wonderful collection online. We offer such a wonderful range of different lace wigs, you won’t fail to find one that you love. If you need any help with your shopping, don’t hesitate to call us on +44 (0)15 8232 0100 or email us at and we’d be happy to be of service.