Beginners Guide To Hair Extensions

Here at American Dream Extensions, we have a wide range of different hair extensions for you to choose from. Ever since we were established back in 1980, we have since become the country's leading clip in extensions shop. Our customers can choose from a range of different sets – single pieces so you can combine your own colours, a 19g standard for finer hair types or 35g Deluxe for thicker heads of hair, as well as full headsets cut to size, ready to wear. To help you choose between them, we have a compiled a guide to some of our most popular variants of hair extensions.



Wefts are one long piece of different hair extensions that are sewn together - which is then cut up into sections to fit a person’s head. This method is excellent for people with very thin hair or anyone who is quite cautious of people recognizing that they are wearing hair extensions. The American Dream Extensions human hair wefts are hugely popular and each of them is classified into different grades. They all offer a vast choice of colour, lengths and styles - as well as being ideal for heat-styling. Being non-remy, these hair wefts are also cost effective and will remain in good condition for 1-3 months.



Tape-in hair Extensions are where the strands of hair are held together with a specially formed adhesive strip. This variant of hair extensions is perfect for instant makeovers and session work where you want great, adaptable results in a short space of time. The hair is specifically designed to be discreet in your own natural hair and is ready to use with a high strength adhesive, easy peel off backing.



Our bulk hair packages contain 100g of loose hair and are great for braiding, weaving, creating your own U-Tip or I-Tip strands. The fibre used feels and looks just like real hair and can be heat styled up to 170°c. It is also specially coated to keep its long-lasting natural allure even after several uses. These extensions are a cost-effective alternative to human hair and are perfect for training purposes or for fun short-term wear.


American Dream’s pre-bonded U-Tip hair extensions are incredibly popular and are estimated to last up to 12 months - depending on wear and care. They are very easy to style with heat, can be straightened for a blunt finish or shaped into curls or waves for maximum volume and bounce. They are ethically sourced from a single donor, ensuring perfect consistency and texture.


All American Dream extensions and wigs are crafted with ethically sourced real human hair or near replica fake hair. As a business, we have undoubtedly shaped the extensions market which earned us our outstanding reputation for being true experts in hair extensions. If you need assistance when shopping online or have any questions regarding our products - please don't hesitate to call our skilful team on 020 8998 9840. Alternatively, fill in the contact form on our website and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.